Sunday, May 30, 2010


Today we drove to San Francisco and Half Moon Bay just because we had nothing better to do. It felt so good to be warm again, after all the rain that's been falling this year. It was a reminder that we actually were in June.

Anyway, we bought a LOT of stuff, including some beautiful cherries and apricots. At first we saw cherries on sale for 99 cents a pound and went nuts buying them. Unfortunately, as we wandered farther down the street, we saw the price steadily decrease until we passed by a shop selling at 59 cents a pound. At that point, we were so disheartened that Mom had to buy another bag of them. So I guess it wasn't so bad - the cherries evened out to about 79 cents a pound? Or maybe we're just fooling ourselves.

I took a shot of the cherries here to practice my food photography. This is a second shot that has less glare but compensates by being a lot darker as well. I'll submit both to foodgawker and see which one wins out (unless both get rejected - oh dear).

The apricots didn't come out as well; they were too close and came out blurry. Maybe I'll take another shot tomorrow and post it up.

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