Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Conquering the World!


I said I would put up a food post here so that it would serve some purpose other than my own bitching and complaining. Well, here it is! A tiramisu ice cream cake that I made for my friend's birthday potluck that we hosted.

I adapted the recipe from Baked Bree, but decided instead to just freeze the filling/frosting. Plus strawberries were on sale, so I thought I'd a little decoration on the top :)


The other day, I had a long talk with my friend (well, we were supposed to be "studying" statistics, but honestly, how can you study that THAT without falling asleep?), and from it, I realized certain things about myself...

In my former post, I had written about the sacrifices one must make for medical school, many of which I felt I could relate to. And going back to SoCal for Spring Break certainly did not help - it was a taste of what I felt like I could have had if I had somehow managed to stay in the state I had known all my life. But, when I think about it, did I really give Philly a fair chance? Ever since I came here, I have been critical - the weather, the food, the culture. Everything I experienced here seemed to pale in comparison to California. I have to admit that, no matter how I get around it, I truly do feel like nothing ever comes close to the West Coast. But really, is that the right mentality to have? Philly has its own charm, and I'd be lying through my teeth if I said I didn't have my fun times here. Besides, it wasn't like I was too fond of San Diego when I first relocated 4 years ago...

So I decided to turn over a new leaf and try to change my outlook on life. Back in Cali, I lived in a bubble where my entire community was my comfort zone and everything was done for me. But that was actually, in a sense, a curse. I can't afford to live in my bubble - I'm going to be a doctor! And one day, it's going to be up to me to take that first step forward into the open and reach out to the unwilling patient, or tell a man or woman that he/she has stage 4 cancer and will probably die, no matter how awkward or uncomfortable that may be. It's going to be up to ME to take that first step out of my comfort zone, and no one else is going to prod me or take the fall for me.

But baby steps first. Tomorrow, I will conquer the world. Today...well, yesterday I decided to push the limits of my comfort zone and go out with DENTAL STUDENTS - from another school! Temple Dental, to be exact. It was definitely a good decision - being with my fellow classmates is great, but at some point, you do want to get away from the kidney, or that evil Professor who lectures everyday but can't seem to teach for crap, or the chances of getting into the residency you want (which seem even more bleak after you talk about it with the very people who will become your future competitors). No, that's not fair, I love my classmates, many of which have become my closest friends here in the past year, but sometimes you just need a breath of fresh air. And that's what I got, sitting in a random Korean restaurant, drinking beer, listening to K-Pop songs, and watching my scrawny friends eat their way through a mountain of double-fried chicken wings.

It was nice. Plus, I think the alcohol helped.

So begins my new resolution. I'm going to really try to push my boundaries, develop a more extroverted, carefree, carpe diem outlook on life. And no more reminiscing on the past, dwelling on regrets or doubting myself for my past decisions. All I've got to do is look forward and really truly believe in myself.

Once I get to it, I'll post a food recipe here too, so that it'll seem less emo/self-centered.

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  1. I don't know how you managed to make this as a med school student but this is a great looking tiramisu.
    Hope you'll adapt to the East Coast lifestyle soon!



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