Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sugar Cookies!!

This running business is really starting to get crazy. I literally cannot stop eating...all the time! Yesterday, I couldn't wait for dinner and ended up eating myself sick at around 3 in the afternoon (on top of lunch and breakfast). And I mean pretty darn sick. And then, what do you know, by the time I was ready to go to bed, I was starving again. I actually woke up at 6:30am this morning out of hunger!

I forgot to mention that the other day, our club (I am the social chair of our Asian American Medical Students club) had a great outing to Washington DC to check out the annual Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival. It was so beautiful...although I wish I could have enjoyed it more. The day before, I had taken my Physiology exam, run 13 miles in the rain, gone clubbing a few hours later in ridiculously inhumane heels (it got so bad that one of my friends had to piggy-back me home), pulled an all-nighter, and caught the 6am bus ride out. And then...non-stop walking from 9am to pretty much dinner time. All I can say is that my bed felt pretty darn good that night. But the one biggest highlight I can remember is that...we got to stand 10 feet away from PRESIDENT OBAMA! Woohoo!

 Here are a few more pictures of our president. They were taken by my friend Chen, so I can't take credit for them - he certainly did a good job!

The festival itself was pretty fun. Like I said, we actually had to catch the 6am bus to make it on time for the parade (which turned out to be a letdown). Most of us were pretty bummed during the subway ride to the bus station, and I was literally working on 30 minutes of sleep on top of my last strenuous run. If you see the picture, I don't look exactly happy to be up. But it wasn't so bad, because the bus ride took about 4 hours, and I got sleep the entire way through.
The fair itself was pretty fun. There were TONS of cosplayers, which made me regret not dressing up myself. Some of them got pretty crazy. On top of that, there were all kinds of weird stands and performances. They had a giant stage at one end of Japanese performers playing traditional instruments...which wasn't too exceptional except for the fact that they were playing ROCK music! As in heavy metal. Pretty weird, but definitely cool.

Some of the stands had very weird things. I think my favorite was the "I Heart Guts" stand. It's a company that makes plushie organs, like hearts and lungs. For a medical student, it was like a dream come true. Got to love those Japanese people.

And of course, there were all the cool places we checked out that day...

Washington Memorial
Jefferson Memorial
Cherry Blossoms!
Being Fobs

Our entire group

Lincoln Memorial - where we saw Obama!


Anyway, back to the cookies. I actually made these a while ago but never got to put them up. My roommate and I had an interesting afternoon decorating them. Initially we decorated them with stars and hearts and flowers, but somehow, by the end, we were making patterns of spleens and livers on them as well. Yea, we're weird, but we're medical students...what do you expect?

For the full recipe, please refer to Joy of Baking (my favorite baking site).

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