Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shanghai Shepherd's Purse Wontons

Yesterday Priscilla came over again...amidst a chaotic mess of flour and meat in the kitchen! Mom decided it would be cool to make wontons that day so we could join in (and then stuff Priscilla with a lifetime's supply for her family too). I think Mom has fun feeding long as she gets the credit when they smile with their mouths full.

Now, I know when people think 'wonton' they jump to the image of the Cantonese pork-stuffed dumplings found either in soup or deep-fried and crispy (think Panda Express). But of course, Mom is a Shanghai girl, and the only wontons she will ever make are Shanghai style. And, of course, anything Shanghainese is bound to have the infamous Shepherd's Purse vegetables native to that part of China. I think the real wonton is supposed to be stuffed with a mixture of ground pork and shepherd's purse, but Mom's version is a bit healthier, with a higher percentage of veggies and the addition of shrimp.

I'm still not very clear on Mom's exact filling recipe. I don't even think she knows her exact measurements because whenever I watch her make it, she just throws things in, tastes, and throws more things in.

Anyway, the fun part comes with folding. It's actually a bit hard to explain how we folded them (Mom almost freaked when I folded the first few because I automatically went into dumpling mode, which is VERY different). Maybe I'll post a tutorial up at some point...when I'm not so lazy :) But it's not very hard to get down, and with me and Priscilla to help, Mom soon had what looked like an entire legion of them in the freezer.

Shanghai style Shepherd's Purse Wontons


-4 pounds ground pork
-2 pounds diced shrimp (keep them in chunks!)
-1 handful dried shrimp (shami), diced
-1 bunch baby bok choy, blanched and minced
-1 package frozen shepherd's purse, minced
-10 shiitake mushrooms, diced
-1 bunch green onions, diced
-4 tbsp ginger, diced
-4 eggs
-6 tbsp soy sauce (or more, to taste)
-~4 tbsp sesame oil (or more, to taste)

-Cornstarch (amount?)
-8 packs square wonton skin (medium thickness)
-Water to seal the edges
-Flour for dusting
-~5 giant trays for freezing

*Note: I'm NOT exactly sure about this recipe. Like I said, Mom just kind of adds by trial and error, so the best thing to do is to approximate, make and cook one wonton, then adjust based on what you find lacking.

1. Mix all filling ingredients, then stir in ONE DIRECTION until the mixture thickens. For some reason, that's the main trick. Otherwise, the filling actually doesn't really thicken. Trust me, I've learned from experience.
2. Have ready a tray dusted with flour.
3. Get one wonton wrapper, line the edges with a thin coating of water, then place about a teaspoon of filling (add a piece of shrimp for each wonton!) in the middle. Fold the wonton (seriously...I just can't explain how to fold them. I'll put up a tutorial at some point).
3. Roll briefly in the flour, then place on the tray. Repeat until the tray is full.
4. Place the tray in the freezer for further eats, then after about 3-6 hours, take them out and store in a large ziploc bag. To cook frozen wontons, add them to a pot of boiling water, then add an additional amount of water each time it comes to a boil again. Do this three times, then fish out.
5. For fresh wontons, just add to boiling water, then fish out when they float.
6. Serve in chicken broth with cilantro and green onion, or as a cold dish with vinegar or peanut sauce.

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  1. Old post, but these look absolutely amazing.

    On an unrelated note, I'm surprised there are so few comments on here, because everything on this site looks delicious :D

    Keep posting!

    - kyrokyro via tumblr

  2. I don't know how I got to your blog but I love it. Will keep coming back and perusing your archives. Do you have an email list? If so, please put me on it. Made the curry bread, loved it.

  3. thanks rescie!! that definitely means a lot to me. If you subscribe to my blog, it should give you a constant update on my blog status!



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